Zorb Football

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10 - 16 People


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Is there that one person in your group that keeps using his twinkle toes to get around you? That will be no use in this game. Stick some zorbs on your body and 'the beautiful game' becomes not so beautiful after all. This is great for a big group of friends or a corporate event. There are different games that can be played and teams can be spilt up however you like. 


Guaranteed to give many laughs and spills for the participating teams. Once strapped into your “zorb-suit” the gloves are off and it’s a matter of barging opponents rather than tackling. This is a hilarious and physical team game which will leave bubble-encased humans rolling all over the pitch.



Important Information:

- Minimum age 10+

- Minimum booking between 10 and 16 people.

- 60 minutes

More Information

Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4DF
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