Sol Raiders VR Experience | Wembley

Wembley, London
price from £25.95
4 - 8 People
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- Exciting outer - space setting

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Zero Latency VR offers an experience like no other. It's a multiplayer cooperative shooter experience that relies on great team work and bravery. 


A.I gone rogue

Enter an immersive, science fiction shooter on a station stranded in the depths of space. Fight to the death against killer robots as you explore narrow corridors, treacherous lifts and zero-gravity environments. You will need to work together with your squad to get out alive, and find the answers you're looking for.


Dead Space Station

A secret military space station has gone dark. Your squad is taksed with the investigation. No signs of human life detected.

Your journey to space begins, but will the answers you find lead to your end? Use your different blaster modes to bring your cybernetic foes to the ground. This Virtual Reality experience will take you out of this world. 


Standard Price

- £35.95pp




- 45 minutes 



What's Included?

- Full Briefing

- Top of the range VR equipment



Additional Information

- Minimum age of 10 (under 13s must be be accompanied by an adult)

- Shooter game; cooperative

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meetspaceVR, Box Park, Olympic Way, Wembley Park, Wembley, London, HA9 0JT
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