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Billericay, Essex
Driving Experience
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1 - 8 People


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Bookado Highlights:

- £47.50 per person (Lowest Price Guarantee)

- Any Car, Any Circuit 

- 5* Google Review

- Free light refreshments


Time to be like a professional race car driver. This Essex based facility, has on-site parking. It is an ideal place to come and improve your driving skills and extend your track experience.


To enable this the Turn 1 racing simulator is set up with Vesaro Quad Motion, providing a 4 actuator 3 inch motion system; Cobra Evolution Pro GT seat; 3 x 55” Ultra HD flat screens and pedals created for high-end professional motorsport simulations, for an instant and accurate response – fully adjustable, giving a maximum brake force of 136kg (300lbs) and maximum clutch force 45kg (100lbs). 

1 Hour sessions on the this state of the art simulator, you will be able to choose any car you like, from VW Beetles to Ferrari’s and everything in-between. You will also be able to choose any Circuit in the world; Silverstone, Goodwood, Circuit de Monaco, Nurburging and Singapore Night Circuit are all options. Light refreshment are also available during the session.


Standard Price:

- £50



- 60 minute session


What’s Included:

- Safety and training briefing 

- 1 hour simulator session

- Choose any car and any circuit

- Light refreshments


Additional Information:

- Any amendments to the timeslots can be arranged 

- Suitable for enjoyable, realistic racing experiences


This simulator is used for practice by real racing drivers. We asked professional driver Ben Green about the simulator, see his answers below. 


What's your favourite track and car from the simulator?

Personally my favourite combination is the Porsche GTE car around Silverstone. The car has fantastic traction through the slow speed corners and high speed aero dynamic downforce through the high speed corners, it suits it very well. It’s challenging to get the most out of the car and at a track that’s well known by everyone in the UK, it’s a real challenge to be quick around here on the sim. We started a small competition where drivers that comes to Turn1 can attempt to set a quick lap time around Silverstone in the Porsche GTE car. We have a lap board showing these lap times which makes it very competitive. 


How often do you practice?

I use simulators all the time, at least once a day as long as I am not away from home working. There are so many different types of training you can do on simulators, it is a lot more involved than just driving around aimlessly lap after lap! 


How is it different from racing in a real car?

Simulators are fantastic for learning tracks and practicing consistent driving on the limit. In a race you are fighting for positions and trying to overtake or defend, this is something that is much harder to accurately recreate on a simulator. It can be done on different games but at Turn1 we mainly focus on teaching the skills needed to drive on track and learning circuits quicker than in real life. 

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1 Sun Street, Billericay, Essex CM12 9LW
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