Patient Zero 2150 Escape Room

Aldgate East, London
Escape Room
price from £25.00
3 - 5 People
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- From £25; 17% Off - Peak discount

- Great location; not far from the Tower of London

- Multiple rooms in each game

- Less locks and codes; automated puzzles for a more immersive experience

- Instant Booking with Bookado


One of London's highly rated Escape Rooms brings you 4 thrillng puzzles to solve to create a perfect team building experience. A highly immersive and high tech experience. Aim Escape uses exciting story lines, realistic sets, technology and characters to give you the most immersive experience from the moment you step into the building.


This listing is for the game "Patient Zero 2150" although, you're spoilt for choice in London's most immersive Escape Room.

Armageddon beckons. The world’s superpowers are no more. Renegade factions vie for domination. Rogue scientists have breached all moral boundaries creating pathogens that create non-humans. Nerve agents so nightmarish that they corrupt physically and mentally, turning those exposed into the living dead - zombies. In the subterranean depths of their secret facility, the pathogen has escaped. It must be contained or all humankind, as we know it, will cease to exist. Your mission – contain the bio-threat, secure the facility and escape uninfected. Can you hold your breath for 60 minutes? This high tech terror will test the smartest players.

The closest tube station is 'Aldgate East' location on the district line just 24 minutes from Victoria station.


Standard Price

- £25 Off - Peak
- £30 Peak



- 60 Minutes


What's Included?

- An immersive escape room experience

- A set that has been designed with the industries latest tech

- Immersive story lines

- Multiple areas in each escape game


Additional Information

- Age 12+

- Packages available for corporate, stag or hens. Just contact us.

- Difficulty - Difficult

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8 Canter Way, E1 8PS
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