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20 min of preparation for your Home Escape Room, inspired by the “Money Heist” series that transforms your house into a real robbery scene!


Your mission:

You have been selected by the famous White Rabbit, the greatest robber in history. Your objective: Rob the central bank of New York, retrieve the contents of the 777 vault… and leave the premises discreetly. The alarm is deactivated for one hour. An hour to become rich and famous… Will you be able to get out in time ?

How does it work?

1. Download and print the adventure of your choice

2. Transform your space set the mood!

3. You're ready... for 1 hour of unforgettable adventure!

Save time.
Everything's ready for you 'The Heist of the Century' is a complete Escape Room kit to download with about 20 printable puzzle cards. It includes everything you need to get started quickly!

Simple and easy setup instructions.
Each step of the Escape Room kit has been thought out by Escape Room organizers from beginning to end. Print, cut out and set up. That's it!

Posters and invitations:
The kit includes 5 posters that can be printed at home (on A4/standard paper) or on larger paper that you can print at a copy center. There are even invitations and a victory poster for the final selfie!

Youtube Theme Playlist
We've created a YouTube playlist just for you to really create a robbery ambiance to your living room.


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Standard Price

- £17.61 per kit



- 60 Minutes


What's Included?

- Full at home escape room kit

- Simple setup instructions 


Additional Information

- Must be 16 or older

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