Family Day Out: Bookado’s Secrets to a Stress-Free Trip
23 September, 2019
Family Day Out: Bookado’s Secrets to a Stress-Free Trip

While the kids can’t wait to get out and adventure, the prospect of long car drives and the Frozen soundtrack on repeat somewhat takes away from the excitement of the day ahead. At Bookado, we’re confident that we have activities to suit everyone - we hope this article can allow you to have the most stress-free day possible, so you can make the most out of your special family day. Read the guide below:

Prepare for the journey

“Mummy, are we nearly there yet?” Long car drives can be very boring for your kids and a true challenge of your patience as a driver. Not only will a tense journey set you up for a stressful trip, but it can also cause danger to your driving. Prevent this by coming up with some activities to pass the time. Fun car games such as counting the red cars or simply listening to an audible should keep the little ones occupied. Alternatively, taking public transport is an excellent alternative, with many Bookado locations being easily accessible by train or bus.



Pack healthy snacks

Particularly when you’re embarking on an outdoor activity day exploring the great outdoors, shops and cafes might not always be within reach and those available could be costly. Chocolate bars may be fantastic bribery for good behavior, but the sugar rush could lead to (irritating) consequences. Pack some healthy and filling snacks for the journey such as carrot sticks with hummus and apple wedges with peanut butter to provide hungry little explorers with all the necessary nutrients.


Pack a change of clothes

Unexpected rain showers or a muddy pond on your mountain biking tour may cause disruption to your day - but we all know being outdoors can get messy, and your kids might end up with more than just the odd stain on their shirt. Packing an extra outfit they can slip into for the drive home can leave everybody feeling fresh after a fun-filled day. You may decide to end the day with a lovely dinner that requires you to look the part - so this always comes in handy.



Bonus tip: Bring a disposable camera

As parents you have to keep a hundred things in mind and may not get a chance to fully appreciate the moment because you were busy digging for wet wipes. A nice idea is to buy a disposable camera, a cheap and easy way to capture memories and keep your kids busy snapping their surroundings. Nevermind dropping your iPhone X in the woodlands on your Go-Ape experience, disposable cameras are inexpensive. Plus, the pictures can be turned into a calendar that makes a great gift for grandparents. Say cheese!


Double the trouble

Are the little ones begging to bring their best friends of the week to the trip? Don’t be offended thinking your company isn’t making the cut, but take the opportunity. An additional peer means you have to spend a little less time entertaining them and actually unwind yourself. There is the added bonus of being able to ask their friends parents to return the favour in the near future, giving you a day off to relax or run some errands. Not forgetting to mention that various Bookado activities cost less per head if you’re in a bigger party. 


We hope this article can save an element of stress on your upcoming day out - don’t forget to share your photos with us on Instagram tag @bookadouk and #bookadouk.