First-time bungee jump - Georgia's story
30 October, 2019
First-time bungee jump - Georgia's story

Guest post: My first-time bungee jump - Georgia's story


Read here what blogger and adrenaline-junkie Georgia thought about her first bungee jump with Bookado


Jumping off a platform 160ft from the air is probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. But the reward was incredible and the adrenaline rush like nothing I’ve felt before. It’s probably the most unnatural thing any human can possibly do, but boy was it fun! 


So how did I end up on this platform nervously waiting for my signal to jump?


Back in the summer, I was approached by a fresh, young company called Bookado who wanted me to participate in their influencer programme. Their strapline Find, Book and Do pretty much sums up what they are all about: a booking platform for activities and days out in the UK. This is not just another Groupon or Red Letter Days. Bookado focuses purely on great activities and gives you access to instant bookings, no expiring vouchers here! Within a few clicks, you’ll be able to book an experience by using the interactive calendar to pick a slot (hint: off-peak slots allows you to save up to 50%!). You’ll receive an instant booking confirmation and there you go: you just signed up for your next adventure!

Being active and pushing boundaries very much resonates with me, so I had to say yes to this unique opportunity! Choosing from an array of activities, I decided to go for the one that intrigued (and scared…) me the most: a bungee jump.

Standing on a platform in Stratford in London’s East, I had a thousand thoughts racing through my head. But one thing distracting me from fear creeping up was the amazing views over the city. From the iconic Shard to Queen Elizabeth Park to the Olympic velodrome, taking in these scenic sights was definitely helping me relax and take my mind off what I was about to do. Once you jump off the platform there’s no turning back – and I had my doubts up there, my pep talk with the amazing crew including Bookado’s Co-Founder Tim – but it was all worth it in the end! 

I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone who’s looking to push their boundaries. What a day!

Are you looking for your next adrenaline-fix? Check out Bookados large offer of activities from water sports to family days out, there is something for every age and ability. Whether you’re looking for a specific activity in a specific location or just want some inspiration for the weekend ahead, their website makes it easy to find and book your perfect experience.