Young Race Driver outruns cops in epic Police Chase
29 January, 2020
Young Race Driver outruns cops in epic Police Chase

BREAKING NEWS: Young Racing Driver Outruns Cops in Epic Police Chase


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The promising newcomer Ben Green showed off his skills in a high-speed police chase near Hempel Hempstead last week. In a sleek Porsche Boxster, the young race driver was on the run from the police who were trying to take him into custody. The powerful getaway car and his track experience enabled Green to escape in this epic police pursuit.


Now before you continue, we should probably add that this wasn’t a real police chase. We invited Ben Green to star in our promo video for the Police Pursuit Driving Experience, an exciting new collaboration between Bookado and Drift Limits. On a sunny afternoon in early January, we filmed Ben trying his hand on driving a high-speed Porsche Boxster around the track.


Police Chase

As a professional racing driver, Ben is always looking for new challenges to expand his skill set and get an adrenaline rush.  



Be the star in a thrilling police chase

On a track in Hempel Hempstead, 24-miles north of London, petrolheads can experience the most exhilarating track day. As a criminal on the run, you’ll find yourself being chased by cops in a Dodge Charger V8 Interceptor. The 15-minute pursuit will push you to your limits and get your blood pumping. 

Before the lights of the police car turn on, you will receive a briefing and get the chance to drive some laps on the track.

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Have you got what it takes to escape?

The Porsche Boxster is a powerful car, but don’t fully rely on it. It takes tactical decision making, quick reactions and excellent driving skills to get away. If you fail to lose the cops, real spike traps will puncture your tires and the game’s over. 

Think you can beat Ben Green? There's only one way to find out. Book your Police Pursuit Experience now.


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