UK Bucket List | Must do in the UK
19 March, 2020
UK Bucket List | Must do in the UK

UK Bucket List Activities | 2020 Vistor Guide


The coronavirus is all we are reading about at the moment. It’s easy to forget the true beauty of the UK and all the things it has to offer. Once the isolation period is over and we are allowed to roam again, it will be time to rediscover your country and update your adventure bucket list. 


Let’s not forget, there is plenty to do here; from bungee jumping off unreal sites to hikes with breathtaking views, there are so many ways to get adventurous again. The Bookado team picked the best 10 activities and adventures that will make your staycation worthwhile. 




1) Sail around the Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight is a small island off the South Coast of the UK. It is famous for such landmarks as the needles and is home to the famous Cowes Week. The surrounding Solent has many places to explore and has to be one of the best self-discovery trips. Sail between the quiet and tranquil bays and see amazing white cliffs as you sail around the island. Anchor up for a spot of lunch or maybe to have a go at some water sports such as windsurfing or jet skiing. You can depart from Southampton, which is only 1.5 hours from London. This is the perfect getaway to do with friends or solo with an organised tour. 


Tick this sailing adventure off the bucket list with Bookado. You can either hire a yacht for one day or two nights, experienced skipper included. Alternatively, you can book onto one our specially organised adventure weekends to experience everything the south coast has to offer.




  • Season: All year round; all boats available through Bookado are heated.
  • Cost per person: £99 - £199
  • Location: Available from Southampton, Isle of Wight, Lymington or Portsmouth
  • Perfect for: Groups of friends, family days out or corporate events. 


Receive information on sailings available by browsing our South Coast activities. Alternatively, enquire about a bespoke sailing. 






2) Helicopter Ride over London


There is a reason why Londoners love rooftop bars, the views over the capital are just too great to pass up on! Whether it is the sleek bank district with its funnily shaped skyscrapers or the vibrant bankside Thames, the London skyline truly is eye candy. For those that don’t think slurping 20GBP cocktails on a rooftop is extravagant enough should consider a helicopter ride. You get to fly high above the busy city centre and see it from a completely different perspective. We offer different kinds of helicopter tours, including a private one perfect for an intimate sightseeing tour.


Bookado offers instant bookings on private helicopter tours of London. Keep an eye out for off-peak discounts and get in touch with us should you want an even more bespoke flight path. For full details on Helicopter flights available, check out our guide.



  • Season: All year round
  • Cost per person: From £106 scheduled
  • Location: Available from SurreyEssex & London
  • Perfect for: Birthday Gifts

For a private helicopter ride:                                             

For a shared helicopter ride: 





3) Paraglide in the Peak District


We’re staying in the sky for the next bucket list idea, a pick from one of our founders. Paragliding takes the prize for me, says Co-Founder Nathan. I did this in the Lake District a few years back, it’s great to get in the air, not only is it peaceful but it can give you some breathtaking views. It all relies on you catching the thermals, so your flight could be rather short if you don’t find any, or you could climb a few thousand feet if you catch a good one. 


If you don’t find a good thermal on your first attempt, most good operators will take you up again straight after. 



  • Season: All year round
  • Cost per person: Approximately £160pp
  • Location: Available from Peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia & The Scottish Highlands
  • Perfect for: Birthday Gifts & The Adventurous types


Send your requirements to our activity coordinators and they will bring you all the options available. Find the best rates with Bookado. 




4) Drive the North Coast 500


Forget about Route 66, this highway is the real deal! This 516 mile takes you along the scenic North Coast of Scotland exploring the deepest Highlands and rugged coastlines. This unique road trip was awarded one of the best destinations by various titles, not least because of its diversified nature ranging from charming villages to mysterious lochs and moorland. Even though this is a set route, you have the chance to explore Scotland off the beaten path and take as much time as necessary to take it all in. A truly memorable trip!



  • Season: All year round
  • Cost per person: Varies upon package
  • Location: Inverness to Inverness
  • Perfect for: Adventurous Couples & Small Groups


Don't fancy doing the planning and price comparison? Enlist a Bookado activity coordinator to do the work for you. 





5) Three Peaks Challenge

In this exhilarating challenge, you’re not just climbing one but three mountain peaks, namely Snowdon in Wales (1085m), Scafell Pike in England (978m) and last but not least, Ben Nevis in Scotland (1345m). You can book a pre-organised trip if you prefer hiking amongst like-minded nature lovers or plan the trip yourself. The best time to take on this challenge is in the summer months between May and September when the weather conditions are fairly stable. The hiking tour is widely described as moderately hard and with a bit of training, it is a rewarding adventure with amazing views and lots of fresh, clear mountain air.



  • Season: Spring & Summer
  • Cost per person: Varies upon package
  • Location: Departs Nationwide
  • Perfect for: Corporate Activities 





6) Mountain Biking in Snowdonia National Park


Arguably the most famous national park in Wales, Snowdonia attracts tourists from near and afar by boasting a stunning mountain and coast area. There are lots of ways to explore the great outdoors, and one of the most effective ones is mountain biking. Especially if you want to see as much of the park as possible within a short amount of time, hiring a cycle and hitting the well-maintained trails is the way to do it. This makes for a wonderful short trip and will leave you with precious memories and a buzz!



  • Season: Spring & Summer
  • Cost per person: £20 + 
  • Location: Snowdonia, Wales
  • Perfect for: Adventurous groups & couples




7) Hot Air Balloon Ride over Surrey

For Marketing Coordinator Lisa, this has been on her wishlist for quite some time now. Gracefully floating among the clouds admiring the stunning countryside from above, a hot air balloon ride made it to the top of my UK bucket list. Usually, the balloon sets off in the early, crisp morning hours enabling you to watch the sun rise as you climb inside the basket. Viewing Surrey with its rolling hills and enchanting rivers and valleys from a bird’s eye perspective surely is an unforgettable experience that’s best to be shared with your loved ones. The best time to go is autumn and spring when the colours are the brightest and the air the freshest.


Bookado offers scheduled flights from April, but should you want a bespoke flight; then please do get in touch.



  • Season: All Year
  • Cost per person: £135 
  • Location: Multiple Surrey launch sites
  • Perfect for: Birthday Gifts




8) Surfing in Cornwall

Secluded bays, crystal clear water and scenic coastlines, Cornwall is a mecca for surfaholics. There are lots of hotspots to get your vitamin sea fix, from the popular Newquay to lesser-known beaches like Porthmeor Beach in St Ives. Wax your board and get ready to catch some awesome waves as you make your way down South West England. The laid-back vibes and friendly crowd perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere you need to have a relaxing surf holiday. Be sure to return home refreshed and rejuvenated.


Bookado offers full surf weekends for the ultimate getaway, including wild camping, yoga and coasteering.



  • Season: Spring & Summer (all year for seasoned surfers)
  • Cost per person: From £30 for lesson
  • Location: Multiple Surrey launch sites
  • Perfect for: The Adventurous




9) Skydive in Morecambe Bay

Apart from historic sights and old villages, Morecambe Bay prides itself to accommodate the largest mudflat and sands in the UK. It’s proximity to the famous Lake District explains the beauty this area encapsulates. It’s worth checking out from above as it allows you to closely examine all its islands and rivers, so why not combine panoramic views and thrilling extreme sports go for a  skydive. Will you dare to jump off an airplane and float weightlessly in the air taking in the fantastic views? There’s only one way to find out...



  • Season: All Year
  • Cost per person: Approximately £240pp
  • Location: Morecambe Bay, Lancashire
  • Perfect for: Birthday Gifts



10) Bungee Jump at the O2

Bungee jumping has been around for years now and it does take a bit more to excite us. That is why it’s not just about if you jump but from where. How about jumping off right next to one of London’s most iconic venues, the O2 centre? Venture out to North Greenwich and take a leap of faith as you jump off a 160ft platform. This is a surefire way to push some boundaries and conquer your fears - Be warned, though: the adrenaline-kick is addictive.


Bookado is one of the only platforms you can book your jump without having to call someone to attempt to exchange a voucher. Bookado has Bungee Jumps in 4 locations and counting!



  • Season: All Year
  • Cost per person: From £70pp
  • Location: 02 Arena, London
  • Perfect for: Birthday Gifts





What did we forget to mention?

Share your bucket list ideas and let’s help everyone make the most out of their life!


Not all of the locations mentioned are available on Bookado yet, but they will be soon! Should you be heading to one of our current locations then we have some great experiences and activities on offer for you. Save up to 50% on off-peak slots and cut the waiting times by receiving an instant booking confirmation. Show us how you like to keep yourself alive using  #bookado and #findbookando.