HADO is the combination of the motion sensor, smartphone, AR (Augmented Reality) tech and sports which give a completely new dimension to the gaming world. Allowing the users to shoot energy balls, pull up the shields and fight the other group.


Shoot energy balls to smash opponents and use the shield to prevent opponent's attacks! Think strategic, move like lightning and co-ordinate team play to fight your opponents. This is a HADO Players vs. Players battle!


The sensors detect body movements and the smartphone-equipped headsets enable players to view energy balls on an actual court, or other real-world environment in the background. Players experience of being inside a real-life video game.


In HADO group battles, players earn points by striking other players with energy balls while using virtual protective shields they can place before themselves by raising their arms. The team with the highest score within the time limit wins. Players can also form their own battle strategies by using the armband's in-game adjustment function, such as for changing energy ball speed or protective powers.


 Recommended for groups of 6-12 people!


What's Included:

- All equipment

- Safety demonstration and briefing

- Explanation and guidance of the game


Additional information:

- This activity is booked for groups, recommended group size is between 6-12 people.

- Please bring your ID with you

- Please wear comfy clothing and non-marking shoes/ trainers

- Minimum age of 6 years old

- Please arrive 10 minutes before booking

- Mobile location, please note venue will be confirmed after booking but will be in the Brighton and Hove catchment area

More information:

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