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Best Stag Do Activities in the UK | Unforgettable Stag Do Ideas
31 January, 2020
Planning a Stag do can be hard work. Trying to pull together many different friendship groups and create a memorable stag weekend can be hard work. Every group has a different budget & expectations. Bookado is on hand to help inspire you on the perfect activities for your stag do. Whether you’re looking to fill an entire weekend or just have one afternoon, our active...
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Top 22 Date Activities in London | 2020 London Guide
29 January, 2020
Top 22 Date Activities in London | 2020 London Guide It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting someone for the first time or have been married for years, we should all go on more dates! Dating allows us to spend precious time with our better half and get to know someone - or another side of them. And while a cosy night on the sofa is perfectly fine some evenings, sometim...
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London Helicopter Tours | 2020 London Guide
10 January, 2020
London is an amazing city, one of the best in the world. What better way to see it than by air? Although there is plenty to do on the ground, there will be nothing that can live as long in the memory as an aerial view of the city. Airline pilots have told us that London Heathrow is one of their favourite places to fly to just for the amazing view of the city. Read on to ge...
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The best 26 outdoor activities in Bristol | 2020 Experience Guide
15 December, 2019
Our free time is precious and we want to spend it wisely. Looking for things to do, one is spoilt for choice which makes it hard to filter through the long list of activities. We at Bookado are experts in finding and booking experiences and we put together this handy guide to outdoor activities in and around Bristol. Browse through this detailed list to find your next adventure...
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Guide to Dating on a Budget | 2019
28 November, 2019
Guide to Dating on a Budget | 2019   Is it date night soon? Whether you like to spend quality time with your hubby or have a first date coming up, it can be hard to find romantic things to do when on a budget. And, let’s be honest, dinners and cinema’s just aren’t cutting it anymore as we want creative and fun date ideas. If there’s one thing we...
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Christmas Gift Guide | 2019
14 November, 2019
Festive season is stressful enough as it is, we surely don’t want to spend time pondering what to gift our loved ones. In this handy gift guide, we share ideas to surprise our friends and family with this Christmas. All of these experiences are truly unique and save you lots of time as you can book them from the comfort of your own sofa within seconds!   Looking fo...
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UK Bucket List | Must do in the UK
3 November, 2019
Ultimate Bucket List Ideas - 11 things you must do in the UK  All this never-ending Brexit drama had us forget about the good sides living in the UK brings with it. It’s time to rediscover your home country and update your adventure bucket list.  From bungee jumping off unreal sites to hikes with breathtaking views, there are so many ways to get your adrenalin...
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First-time bungee jump - Georgia's story
30 October, 2019
Guest post: My first-time bungee jump - Georgia's story   Read here what blogger and adrenaline-junkie Georgia thought about her first bungee jump with Bookado   Jumping off a platform 160ft from the air is probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. But the reward was incredible and the adrenaline rush like nothing I’ve felt before. It’s...
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5 Activities to Boost your Mood
24 October, 2019
The 5 Best Mood-Boosting Activities As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, many of us feel the infamous winter blues creeping up leaving us unmotivated and depressed. All we want to do is crawl under a blanket and shut off the rest of the world, the last thing we feel like doing is exercise! But being active and moving your body is proven to have a positive impact...
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Cheap half term ideas - the biggest discounts in October
17 October, 2019
Cheap half-term ideas - the biggest discounts in October Summer break burned a hole in your pocket and you’re not ready to do it all over again for half term? Luckily, offering top-notch activities and days out with discounts up to 50% is what Bookado is all about, so be assured there are lots of cheap things to do with kids. Refer to our October discount guide listing...
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Best UK Days Out with the Kids
13 October, 2019
Best Days Out with kids in the UK Between smearing sandwiches and washing football uniforms, there is often little time for parents to carve out some family time. However, spending quality time with the kids is crucial for their well-being and also provides opportunities for you to check in to make sure they are doing well. Luckily, you don’t have to go far to have an ad...
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Best Halloween Events in London 2019
11 October, 2019
Best Halloween events in London 2019   With hundreds of exciting events happening in London daily, one is spoilt for choice - and Halloween is no exception. Which is why we at Bookado have put together a list of the best Halloween events in London to save you some endless browsing. From spin-tingling action river cruises to ravishing 80’s Halloween parties, we are...
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Activities with Grandparents and Grandchildren
6 October, 2019
Looking for a last-minute babysitter? Then the grandparents will most likely be on the list, for obvious reasons. They are free, flexible and- most importantly- enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Unfortunately, afternoons of board games and homemade cookies only excite the kids for a limited amount of time before they get bored and seek some more action. While your p...
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4 Best Day Trips near London
26 September, 2019
As exciting and rewarding living in England’s vibrant capital is, sometimes we seek serenity and peacefulness Hyde Park just can’t give us. Instead, we dream of a weekend break in a picturesque town in Cornwall or scenic walks in the Lake District. But if your schedule and budget doesn’t allow a proper UK weekend retreat, there are still plenty of options to r...
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Top 5 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events
25 September, 2019
5 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events   Wiping the boozy company Christmas party under the carpet, there are few occasions for the entire team to gather round and spend time together outside the office. Spending even more time with your fellow colleagues on top of the working week may seem slightly too much to handle. Though several studies have shown that host...
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Family Day Out: Bookado’s Secrets to a Stress-Free Trip
23 September, 2019
While the kids can’t wait to get out and adventure, the prospect of long car drives and the Frozen soundtrack on repeat somewhat takes away from the excitement of the day ahead. At Bookado, we’re confident that we have activities to suit everyone - we hope this article can allow you to have the most stress-free day possible, so you can make the most out of your spec...
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