Throughout the centuries, Bristol has generated a vibrant creative culture drawing in significant names throughout history to leave their mark. From Banksy to Harrington, from John Wood the Elder to Matcham; architects, street artists, sculptors, painters and their patrons alike all get a nod in our self-guided tour around Bristol’s vibrant city centre!

Stroll down modern streets and duck through medieval arches; wind your way through alleys and emerge into flourishing Victorian public gardens. Stumble on multi-storey murals in alleyways, world-famous graffiti tucked behind bridges, royal sculptures in parks, and learn about some of the city’s patrons along the way.

A true collision of styles and surroundings awaits.

A celebration of talent and history awaits in Bristol’s city centre, but can you decipher our puzzling directions and solve cryptic riddles to reach the end?

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Bristol, UK

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