Alcotraz Cell Block Three-Six promises to be one of the most unique cocktail bars in Liverpool. 


Once convicted, inmates are taken into an exciting world of mischief as they are instructed by a notorious bootlegging gang on the inside to smuggle-in liquor to be used to make delicious, bespoke cocktails. 


You won’t find a set menu of drinks here…after all, it is prison!


The “serving” inmates will deliver a range of tailored cocktails every night based on the liquor you smuggle in and your tastes. As new inmates, expect to see your contraband liquor combined with liqueurs, bitters and hominid syrups to make bespoke, contemporary and classic cocktails perfect for your time behind bars.


Be as creative as you can with your attempts to smuggle-in liquor. Alternatively, the crooked Guards are on your side and have a system for hiding contraband.


Just make sure The Warden doesn’t catch you.


Alcotraz is an immersive experience where guests get absorbed into a storyline that is brought to life around them through characters including the Warden, the Guards and inmate Cassidy (all played by actors). 


Orange really is the new black - during the experience you'll be given your own orange jumpsuit to blend in with the other inmates.


Those that really want to get involved will soon be trying out their American accent and telling the Warden what they are in for! 


Those that would prefer to sit back and enjoy are welcome to do that too, whilst enjoying personalised cocktails in this unique and fun world.


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