Unleash your creativity and learn how to roll, fill, shape and cook traditional Chinese dumplings with your own artistic stamp.

Learn how to make dumplings like you've never seen them before with this unique masterclass where Chef Jojo will teach the basic foundations of dumpling making before demonstrating different techniques to add unique designs and patterns to your dumplings. Using only natural colourings and a few basic tools, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to make dumplings from scratch including kneading your own dough and how to add your own design flourish before cooking them just how you like them. Discover how different shapes affect how a dumpling 'eats' and how cooking methods create different mouthfeels and textures. Not only will your dumplings be delicious but beautiful to look at too! Once your dumplings have been lovingly made and cooked, enjoy these moreish parcels together with traditional dipping sauces and condiments, and experience how many Chinese families enjoy dumplings together.

This masterclass both celebrates the humble dumpling in its simplicity and encourages you to exceed expectations of what's possible - prepare to show off and impress!   


What's Included:

Wrapper and filling ingredients, dipping sauces/condiments, specialised cooking equipment (bamboo steamers/mini rolling sticks), portable gas cookers, napkins, wooden chopsticks, full kitchen clean-up.



  • Minced pork belly, Chinese cabbage and garlic chive
  • Tiger prawn, water chestnut and bamboo shoots
  • Tofu and mixed mushrooms (VE, VG)



Soy sauce, black vinegar and homemade chilli oil


Maximum Capacity: 10


Minimum Spend: £480 (£80 per guest)


More information:

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