Psychopaths Den Escape Room | Aldgate, London

Escape Room
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2 - 5 People


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heart   Experience an incredible immersive escape room near the Tower Of London

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One of London's highly rated Escape Rooms brings you 4 thrilling puzzles to solve to create a perfect team-building experience. A highly immersive and high-tech experience. We use exciting storylines, realistic sets, technology and characters to give you the most immersive experience from the moment you step into the building.


This listing is for the game "Psychopaths Den" although, you're spoilt for choice in London's most immersive Escape Room. Other favourites at AIM Escape include Patient Zero & Spy Heroes.


About Psycopath Dens

You know the instant the door slams shut behind you – bad things happen here. Evil is Omnipresent. Heart-thumping terror builds relentlessly as each nerve-shredding minute creeps past. Can you escape a dreadful fate or will you become another blood-stained or blood-drained statistic? Amid the gore-caked instruments of torture, hemmed in by the blood-spattered walls you must keep your wits as sharp as his scalpels to avoid his clutches – he is very close, somewhere in the shadows. Only by solving his crazed, fiendish puzzles can you, quite literally, save your skin. Complete with a real crematorium and gallons of O-neg this is the ideal escape experience for lovers of horror and adrenaline-fuelled frights.

The closest tube station is 'Aldgate East' location on the district line just 24 minutes from Victoria station.




Standard Price

- £30 Off-Peak
- £40 Peak

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- 60 Minutes


What's Included?

- An immersive escape room experience

- A set that has been designed with the industries latest tech

- Immersive storylines

- Multiple areas in each escape game


Additional Information

- Age 16+

- Packages available for corporate, stag or hens. Just contact us.

- Difficulty - Difficult



What is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular over the last few years and we can see why! Escape rooms are themed rooms in which you and your team must solve a series of puzzle's to escape. Usually, there is a time limit of 60 minutes and most provide hints along the way to help if you're stuck.



Other Escape Rooms include:

Patient Zero

8 Canter Way, E1 8PS
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