A playful experience to discover the secrets of Greenwich, a mystery walk similar to an escape room but outdoors! Fantastic cityscape views of London and Canary Wharf.

Your team will receive clues on their phones that, once deciphered, will guide them around a route that showcases it's secret sights and great pubs/bars/cafes. The routes are all walking distance and clues get you working together and interacting with the city surroundings to find the answers, no prior knowledge required.

With recommended refreshment stops at top-rated pubs/cafes/bars that you can choose to indulge and refresh along the way. There are three stops on this route;
- A few clues in; lovely market with food and drink vendors.
- Part way around; historic museum pub with magical Victorian ambience.
- Finish location; great Victorian riverside pub with the Thames lapping up at the windows and outdoor cobbled seating areas.

Why would you bring a cow to an old churchyard? How does a nightgown connect to a historic ship? Why does a perfect timekeeping device face down at midday? Find the answers to all of these and more within Greenwich on a puzzling journey that guides you to locations even a discerning eye might miss.

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Greenwich, London, UK

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