Don't get stuck indoors pretending on Call of Duty, get out and play for real.


Once you’re kitted up with the latest laser tag guns (all the way from the USA!), the commanders lead you through a variety of exciting laser tag game scenarios. For parents’ peace of mind, all the laser tag guns are completely harmless - there are no projectiles (unlike paintball) - therefore, no pain and no bruises. Laser tag weapons are limitless, you have no need to buy any extra ammo - again, unlike paintball. Laser Warfare's large woodland arena is made up of a mix of natural and man-made ‘hides’ which help you remain in ‘stealth mode’ as you move around the terrain. Laser Warfare has challenging laser tag games that encourage teams to work together, and it is quickly apparent who is a natural SAS trooper and who should stick to their games console. We hope to see you report for duty soon.


Your Weapon:

- The laser guns are state of the art technology all the way from America and are based on the hugely popular MP5 machine gun. 

- With a weight of just 2.1kg, 300m effective range and 30mm red dot scope the MP5 is the perfect weapon to take down the enemy with.

- Featuring realistic "Mil Sim" mag change sounds and 'damage hits', players are able to find out their individual player stats at the end of each game.


We've got some brilliant accessories that offer great variations of gameplay including favourites such as "Domination", "Mines" and "Re-spawn Boxes", plus Fortnite themed parties!


Game Play Include:

- Sudden Death 

- Domination

- Protect the President

- Plant the Bomb

- 5 Lives Re-spawn

- Laser Bulldog

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Laser Warfare Headquarters, Brentwood Leisure Park, Warley Gap, Brentwood CM13 3DP

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