Will is a charismatic and confident Quiz Master who writes and hosts quizzes for pubs, special occasions and corporate events.


Let's face it, some pub quizzes can be near impossible to answer which can take the enjoyment out of the whole experience and end up leaving teams feeling deflated.  


Will prides himself on making sure that his quizzes are fun and accessible to all participants and have, what he likes to call, ‘The Goldilocks Effect’ = Not too difficult, Not too easy but ‘Just Right’


 What You Can Expect:

  • Picture round - where you will have to guess textless film posters, album covers, and geographical shapes of countries.
  •  Puzzle rounds - making sense of anagrams and dingbats.
  • General Knowledge - including topics such as geography, music, history, art, literature, sport etc. 
  • Off-the-beaten Track Rounds - Such as an Everything 80’s, 90’s and 00’s rounds which include topics and pop culture questions from the decades.
  • The Impersonation Round - having trained as an actor, Will include speeches from films with fun and accurate impersonations of the actors and characters. The participants must then guess the actor and character to win the point! and the participants have to guess the name of the film and who said the speech. 


The aim of the Quiz is to ensure that everyone is able to participate and most importantly have fun…but as we all know... there can only be one winner! 



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