Whether you call them escape rooms, escape games, exit rooms or locked in games - the concept is the same. We trap a small group of people inside one of our amazing themed rooms with the very simple task – escape within 60 minutes or face being TRAPP’D forever.


Participants will use their teamwork skills, intuition and intelligence to crack challenging codes, solve mind-bending puzzles and unlock cryptic clues which will ultimately lead to their escape. Every room has a story and you have to use the elements of the room to solve the ultimate puzzle and escape in time.


We have used our years of experience in movie set design and movie marketing and combined this with our love of the escape game world, to create an amazing new adventure experience around the UK. We now have escape rooms in various locations across the UK.



Difficulty: ****

Escape rate: 67%

You've been driving for what seems like an eternity and your eyes are struggling to stay open, so a neon lit Motel on the right is welcomed and you decided to check in and get your head down for the night and continue your journey in the morning. 


Dead Mans Cave

Difficulty: ***

Escape rate: 42%

The waves slam and crash against the old rickety wood of the famous pirate ship; The Pillager of The Damned as it sails across the seven seas. The sound of the waves like a lullaby after being a desolate, abandoned prisoner for 7 years. 



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