The classic It's a Knockout is great fun whether you're planning a stag party, hen weekend, birthday party or team building day. You’ll need to work together as every member of the group takes a key role in gaining valuable points.


It's a Knockout is one of our most popular team activities. Round up all the team for an unforgettable activity that's competitive, fun and completely different. An excellent bonding experience, what better way to get the team in high spirit than It’s a Knockout. Which team will be victorious in our competitive tournament? It will most definitely be a memorable experience.


All the costumes and props are from the original It's a Knockout BBC TV series.


How would you like to see your colleagues in a penguin suit?

You'll never look at Dave from sales in quite the same way again after a game of Slippery Summit or Penguin Pursuit! It's a completely level playing field that breaks down barriers and banishes preconceived ideas.


If you're looking for an activity that involves absolutely everyone, look no further. Everyone works together to score the most points and be crowned It's a Knockout champions.



It's a Knockout is one of the most flexible of all team activities. Hold it indoors or out, in summer or winter. We can stage team events on farmers' fields or at sports halls and stadiums. Bespoke corporate events are our speciality. We can arrange It's a Knockout tournament for small businesses and multi-national companies in the UK.


Let us know where you want to hold your next team building event. We can cater the It's a Knockout experience to suit your location, group size and budget. Remember if you’re a Bookado member, you can save 20%, so be sure to give the membership password & quote your membership number. 


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