Top 5 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events
25 September, 2019
Top 5 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

5 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events


Wiping the boozy company Christmas party under the carpet, there are few occasions for the entire team to gather round and spend time together outside the office. Spending even more time with your fellow colleagues on top of the working week may seem slightly too much to handle. Though several studies have shown that hosting regular company socials has hugely positive results on employee well-being and performance - which is something we certainly shouldn’t be neglecting.


Picking a corporate entertainment that best suits your team can be daunting, so, Bookado has compiled five team building activities guaranteed to keep everyone engaged and happy.


Spy Heroes Escape Room


1. Escape Room


Want to know how your employees respond to pressure? (Just don’t run your interviews here, for goodness sake). Ever since they emerged a few years ago Escape Rooms have gained huge popularity, attracting people of all ages and interests. Your team will be forced to work together as a unit to solve the mystery and escape the room before time’s up, allowing them to really test their teamwork abilities. Unlike other activities that make for a whole experience day, you can easily schedule an Escape Room session after work, with each session lasting around one hour.

We have many Escape Rooms across London & Bristol, why not try and escape the Psychopaths Den.


2. Hiking


Sitting in a stuffy office all day can really kill the mood. Get your dose of Vitamin D, allowing your team to catch some fresh air and discover the outdoors with a hiking trip. Walking is a proven anti-depressant, so Monday Blues might soon be a thing of the past. With an array of different routes, lengths and difficulty levels to choose from, this activity is suited to anyone. Moreover, the casual atmosphere facilitates conversations to spark up nature-ally (pardon the pun) rather than the awkward small talk two colleagues feel like having when forced to next to each other in a restaurant.



Hot Tub Thames Cruise | London


3. Hot Tub Cruise


Taking a different take on after-work drinks, your office can float down the Thames in their very own party boat. Sat comfortably in a jacuzzi taking in the scenic Hampton Riviera will have even the most up-tight coworker loosen up and sink some pints. This truly bubbly experience is guaranteed to bring the team closer together and create some memories to look back at when the workload gets heavy again. Book your boozy (or not) Hot Tub Cruise here.



Go Karting | Bristol


4. Go-Karting


Office full of wannabe racing drivers? It’s time to finally settle the score! A long-standing favourite in the world of activities, Go-Karting is the best way to get the competitive spirit alive and well in your team. With the bumps, prangs and spins all bound to happen, this will certainly get the energy flowing between the team. It’s finally time to separate the wheat from the chaff, who can walk the walk, who just talks the talk.

Most of Bookado’s featured cities feature a go-karting track, both indoors and out, use our search tool to find yours.



5. Curling


Its location in the heart of London makes this venue perfect for ringing in the end of a busy working day as it can easily be reached with public transport. Gather the team right after work and take them for a fun-packed evening at an indoor ice rink for a curling session. They also run on weeknights meaning there will be no moaning because your employees have to sacrifice their weekend for a corporate event. Curling is a great winter sport activity set in a casual atmosphere to make the drinks and conversations flow. Check out prices and availability for a curling session here.