Activities with Grandparents and Grandchildren
6 October, 2019
Activities with Grandparents and Grandchildren

Looking for a last-minute babysitter? Then the grandparents will most likely be on the list, for obvious reasons. They are free, flexible and- most importantly- enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Unfortunately, afternoons of board games and homemade cookies only excite the kids for a limited amount of time before they get bored and seek some more action. While your parents might want to provide them with the upbeat activities they ask for, their physical conditions often hinder them from doing so. But don’t call up the nanny just yet! In this blog, we show you four senior-friendly activities allowing the grandparents to entertain the grandkids.


Archery | Bristol



After countless nights of reading out bedtime stories of brave knights and savvy thieves, it’s time to take this into the real world. Send the kids to an archery centre and let granddad show off his skills and reminisce about past times. Your little ones will catch some fresh air and feel like Robin Hood whilst the elders enjoy themselves too. This adventurous outdoor experience will definitely be an afternoon to remember. Check out our London archery here, or search for other location.


Segway Experience | Alexandra Palace



If your parents gave up driving, taking the kids for an adventure can be tricky. A fun, low impact alternative to cycling that doesn’t hurt the joints is a segway tour. Whether it's taking the grandkids for ice cream in the city or showing them what the great outdoors has to offer, segways can be hired almost anywhere and give your parents some ideas for what to do for a car-free day in the UK. We have several segway locations throughout the south, our most popular is Alexandra Palace in London, currently offering 10% bookings!


Mini Golf

A classic for young and old promising charming golf courses and  just the right dose of competitive spirit. Bring the whole family for a generation-bridging day out or let the grandparents take the kids and enjoy some time to yourself. Experience and wisdom or youthful ambition- what will score more points? That depends if grandma and grandpa know how to properly use the racket and complete the courses making as few hits as possible. Should the mini golfing turn out to be too tiring, there are lots of benches along the site to relax for a bit.



Hot Air Balloon

Admire the beautiful English countryside as you take the grandkids for a very special day out. Hopping inside the basket is when the hot air balloon experience begins taking you on an unforgettable journey along rivers, fields and hills. As this activity is more on the expensive side, this is a great birthday present idea for grandchildren or a reward for good school grades. Contemplate magical Surrey from above with our hot air ballooning experience. We currently have two locations for hot air balloon experiences in the south; Surrey and Sussex.