Christmas Gift Guide | 2019
14 November, 2019
Christmas Gift Guide | 2019

Festive season is stressful enough as it is, we surely don’t want to spend time pondering what to gift our loved ones. In this handy gift guide, we share ideas to surprise our friends and family with this Christmas. All of these experiences are truly unique and save you lots of time as you can book them from the comfort of your own sofa within seconds!


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Here are our top 5 most popular activities for Christmas gifts:



Track Day:

Best for: the boys, all of them! Whether boyfriend, father or best mate, everyone loves a supercar!

Price: from £79.00 pp

Locations: tracks located around London (Bovingdon) and Brighton (Dunsfold)

Why it’s the perfect gift: You get to test drive Lamborghinis, Ferraris and we really need to say more?




Kite Surfing Lesson:

Best for: water lovers and those looking for a new year hobby

Price: from £38.00 pp

Locations: Brighton (please note kitesurfing season starts in April)

Why it’s the perfect gift: the friendly instructor will help you experience water sports like never before. Maybe this will become your new hobby?



Helicopter Tour:

Best for: a special person with an exquisite taste

Price: from £106.00 pp

Locations: helicopters take off in Essex and Surrey

Why it’s the perfect gift: Seeing London from above and enjoying the stunning views! You’ll fly over all of London’s main attractions including Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament & the London Eye. You can even book a private helicopter if you would like the more exclusive experience. For those purely wanting to get in a helicopter, our experience flights start at just £39.


Private Helicopter Tour | London



Speed Boat Experience:

Best for: Good group of friends and families wanting to see the sights of London in the best way possible!

Price: from £33.72 pp

Locations: See London's iconic sights such as The London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The 02 Arena and much more!

Why it’s the perfect gift: an exciting unique experience seeing the famous sights of London with the twist and turns and speeds up to 35mph!



Bungee Jump:

Best for: your self-proclaimed “fearless” friends, dad to help his midlife-crisis

Price: from £45.00 pp

Locations: sites all across the UK including London and Bristol

Why it’s the perfect gift: it’s thrilling, it’s extreme and it’s unexpected! Perfect to shock someone who’s looking for an adrenaline rush.




Best for: everyone above 14 years, ideal for a group of friends or family day out

Price: from £19.95 pp

Locations: London, Brighton, Bristol

Why it’s the perfect gift: A perfect way to keep the kids occupied for a fun afternoon at the tracks, this fun driving experience is popular amongst all ages.


Grand Prix Go Karting | London



Escape Rooms:

Best for: the social kind, use the gift card on a day out with friends.

Price: From £8.20 pp

Locations: London, Brighton, Bristol

Why it’s the perfect gift: With many available on the platform, there is no better place to take your pick from lots of different escape storylines. Certain escape rooms run special offers with Bookado meaning you can secure prices from as low as £8.20pp.



Surf Weekend Cornwall:

Best for: the outdoorsy type, those who like a summer staycation.

Price: £159.00 pp

Location: Cornwall

Why it’s the perfect gift: Hard to imagine this cold time of year we know. But the surf weekends on offer with Bookado can be the perfect escape from the busy cities in spring and summer. These weekend packages offer a stress-free experience where you can combine your surf lessons with an activity of your choice, they weekends include accommodation and gives you the chance to meet new people in some of Cornwall's best spots.


Surf & Wild Camp | Cornwall



Yacht Hire:

Best for: those who like being on the sea, or have a big life event this year.

Price: From £100.00 pp 

Location: Southampton & Isle of Wight

Why it’s the perfect gift: Okay, this is another one where you are going to have to think ahead six months. But after two years of great summers in the UK, renting a yacht to sail around the south coast has never been more attractive. We now offer a range of options for south coast boat hire, including private day hire, private overnight hire and organised adventure weekends giving you the chance to meet some likeminded people.



Rock Climbing:

Best for: those who like to test their limits.

Price: £46.00 pp

Location: Sussex

Why it’s the perfect gift: Learn to climb on rock faces built by nature. This is physically challenging but incredibly rewarding. Not only does this test your strength and determination but it also requires some logic. You need to think carefully to navigate your way up the rockface through the route with the best natural handles.


Rock Climbing | Sussex


All of these experiences and more are available on Bookado. We are adding new activities every week and every voucher has a 12-month validity & can be used across multiple activities. Bookado is the only place to have instant bookings on a range of activities. With the offering to save £100 on Gift Cards, this is an offer too good to give up.