London Helicopter Tours | 2020 London Guide
10 January, 2020
London Helicopter Tours | 2020 London Guide

London is an amazing city, one of the best in the world. What better way to see it than by air? Although there is plenty to do on the ground, there will be nothing that can live as long in the memory as an aerial view of the city. Airline pilots have told us that London Heathrow is one of their favourite places to fly to just for the amazing view of the city. 

Read on to get the Bookado round up of the best helicopter tours in London.

All of the helicopter tours will take you over some of London's most famous landmarks. This includes popular favourites such as; Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and The London Eye.


We've summarised our top top picks of the Helicopter tours on offer; so whether you're on a budget, in a rush or buying a gift, we're sure there is a helicopter tour that is right for you. This is a once in a lifetime activity, it's important you choose wisely!


There are both private and shared helicopter tours on offer from many different locations. Although each of the tours below depart from different locations, they all follow a similar route due to the tight constraints of the London airspace.



London Famous Landmarks


Shared Helicopter Tours over London


Scheduled shared helicopter tours are the most cost effective way to see London, depending on your departure location they can cost just £99 per head. For this you will have to turn up at the scheduled time, just as if you were catching any other flight. Below we list four helicopter tours that are departing at scheduled times. Find out departure times, availability and how to book.


London Helicopter Tour: Departing from North Weald, Essex


Perfect for anyone staying in North London and hoping for a cheap option. This Bookado approved operator offers flights from just £99 per seat. Scheduled flights are offered from North Weald, usually on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. 

This tour can be booked for 1-4 people, the total flight time is approximately 30 minutes.


London Helicopter Tour - North Weald


Flight Type: Scheduled


Number of people: 1-4 


Price per person: £99 - £109


Departure Point: North Weald Airfield, Essex 


Availability: Instant bookings every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Bookado, other dates are available on request.



Is this London Helicopter tour available as a gift?

Yes, you can purchase a gift card with 12 month validity to use on any Bookado London Helicopter tour.


Book London Helicopter Tour from Essex 


London Helicopter Tour: Departing from Fairoaks Airport, Surrey


This departure point is well suited for those staying in the South of London, particularly the South West. Fairoaks Airport is only 30 minutes from Wandsworth. Scheduled flights are offered from Fairoaks, usually on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, approximately once a month.

The Bell 206b helicopter can seat up to 4 people, the total flight time is approximately 40 minutes.


London Helicopter Tour - Surrery


Flight Type: Scheduled


Price per person: £123 - £129 


Number of people: 1-4 


Departure Point: Fairoaks Airport, Surrey


Availability: Instant bookings on selected Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays with Bookado. Other dates available on request. 



Is this London Helicopter tour available as a gift? 

Yes, you can purchase a gift card with 12 month validity to use on any Bookado London Helicopter tour.


Book Helicopter Tour London from Surrey 


London Helicopter Tour: Departing from Battersea Heliport


The departure point for the London Helicopter Tour is perhaps the most central departure point. Departing from right next to the River Thames, you can purchase flights as short as 10 minutes. The cost does reflect the more central departure point, with seats on these trips start from £300. The helicopter is a 4 seater and scheduled flights depart every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. It seems to be a theme, we know!


London Helicopter Tour - Battersea Heliport


Flight Type: Scheduled 


Price per person: £300pp


Number of people: 1-4 


Departure point: Battersea Heliport, London


Availability: Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday


 Enquire London Helicopter Tour Battersea


London Helicopter Tour: Departing from Redhill Aerodrome


Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey hosts helicopter flights that run on a schedule on Thursdays & Sundays. Single seats can be bought at a price of £140. The flight time is 35 minutes and the aerodrome is 1 hour from central London by either car or train. 


London Helicopter Your - Redhill


Flight Type: Scheduled 


Price per person: £140pp


Number of people: 1-4 


Departure point: Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey


Availability: Thursdays & Saturdays


Enquire London Helicopter Tour Redhill


Private Helicopter Tours over London


Private London Helicopter Tours are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Maybe it’s a wedding proposal, a big birthday or a once in a lifetime family trip to London. They also offer increased flexibility with regards to your departure point. 


Private London Helicopter Tour: Departing from Biggin Hill Airport, London


The departure point of Biggin Hill is perfect for those in South London. Biggin Hill was originally opened for the Royal Flying Corps during World War One. Today it remains a busy airport for pleasure flying, it is conveniently only 17 miles from central London. 


The private charter from Biggin Hill allows you to depart at your convenience (in daylight hours). You can bring up to 4 people in this helicopter.


Private London Helicopter - Biggin Hill


Flight Type: Private


Price: £535 (£133.75 per person) - £30 off with code Heli30


Number of people: 1-4 


Departure point: Biggin Hill Airport, London


Availability: Daily


Bookings: Book instantly through Bookado, for special requests contact a Bookado activity coordinator. 



Book Private London Helicopter Tour from Biggin Hill


Private London Helicopter Tour: Departing from Battersea Heliport, London


This private charter also departs from Battersea Heliport. On this tour you can take up to 6 of you on this private helicopter charter (500kg weight restriction applies). Once again, paying for the central location, this charter will cost you £1500 for the whole helicopter and gives you 20 minutes flying.


Private London Helicopter - Battersea Heliport


Flight Type: Private


Price: £1500 - £2200


Number of people: 1-4 


Departure point: Battersea Heliport, London


Availability: Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday



Enquire London Private Helicopter Tour from Battersea 


Private London Helicopter Tour: Departing from Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey


Private charters are also available from Redhill aerodrome, perfect for those in the Surrey region. Redhill aerodrome is only a short distance from London Gatwick airport and is one hour from central London by car or train. Exclusive trips are available for 2 or 3 people from £440. Private tours booked for 2 will include complimentary champagne to make the flight even more memorable. The tour takes you in from the west past Clapham Junction before flying up the Thames to see some of London’s most prominent landmarks. There is an option to lengthen the tour to reach the Olympic Village in North East London should you desire.


Private London Helicopter - Redhill


Flight Type: Private


Price: £440


Number of people: 1-3


Departure point: Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey



Availability: Daily


Enquire Private London Helicopter Redhill


London Helicopter Tours | Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)


- How much is a Helicopter tour of London?

Depending upon if you want a private flight or a scheduled flight. London Helicopter Tours can range from anywhere between £99 and £300 per seat. Scheduled tours are usually at a lower cost but you will have to arrive at the specified time and may need to share the experience with others. 


- Can Helicopters fly over London? 

Yes, however they are constricted to certain routes through the city in the controlled airspace up to 800 metres (2,500ft). Flights within the London Control Zone must get air traffic control clearance and comply with instructions from controllers.


- Can I propose on a London Helicopter Tour?

Yes, and what a perfect way to pop the big question. If you’re arranging your experience with Bookado then inform us before the big day so we can help to make it an extra special occasion. 


- How long is a London Helicopter Tour?

 London Helicopter Tours can range anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes depending upon your departure location and desired tour length. 


- Can I book a London Helicopter tour today?

Scheduled flights are available to book on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. If you would like to fly on a different day then private helicopter tours are also available.


- Can helicopters fly in bad weather?

To fly a helicopter over London we need visual conditions, helicopters also may not be able to take off and land in windy conditions. 


- Can I take a helicopter out of London?

It is possible to take a helicopter from London to other parts of the UK on a private hire basis. Popular destinations include the historic city of Bath, the royal town of Windsor and Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford upon Avon. Should you wish to enquire about one of these either email us or contact one of our activity coordinators through the live chat. 


- Where do the Helicopter tours depart from?

There are multiple departure heliports in and around London. The five location are; North Weald (Essex, CM16 6HR), Fairoaks Airport (Surrey, GU24 8HU), Battersea Heliport (London, SW11 3BE), Redhill Aerodrome (Surrey, RH1 5YP) and Biggin Hill (London, TN16 3BH) are the Heliports that all facilitate London helicopter tour, the map below indicates all of the departure locations. 



Map of London Helicopter Tours


- Closest international airports?

There are multiple large airports around London. Gatwick Airport which has trains links into central London is under 30 minutes, parking is available in Gatwick Airport and by using ParkHero, in just 2 minutes you can compare prices and book online without any reservation fees to worry about. 


Summary of London Helicopter Tours


If you’re looking for a tour over the next few days, then the selection (summarised in the table below) should give you a good insight into the offerings and prices available. If you’re unsure on a date and are looking to gift this item, then we highly recommend a personalised Bookado gift card. 



Bookado Gift Card


Not quite ready to choose your Helicopter Ride? No problem, Bookado gift cards have a validity of one year and are available to use on any activity. 


Bookado Gift Card

Guide written by: Jack Powell - Bookado Activity Coordinator & Edited by: Adam Stone- Bookado Activity Coordinator