Best Stag Do Activities in the UK | Unforgettable Stag Do Ideas
27 July, 2021
Best Stag Do Activities in the UK | Unforgettable Stag Do Ideas

Planning a Stag do can be hard work. Trying to pull together many different friendship groups and create a memorable stag weekend can be a real headache. You need to pull together many different friendship groups and create a memorable stag weekend packed with activities that will be enjoyable for everyone. Every Stag group has a different budget & expectations. Bookado is on hand to help inspire you on the perfect activities for your stag do.

Whether you’re looking to fill an entire weekend or just have one afternoon, our active stag ideas will keep the whole crew engaged, from your wife-to-be’s cousin to your best mate. Take on exhilarating challenges, reveal your competitive side and make memories with our handpicked selection of stag activities.


In a rush? Check out our quick flowchart to pick your activity above. If you’ve got a bit more time, read on to find out about some of our favourite activities.


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1. Best Stag Do Activities Spring & Summer Daytime | Alcohol Free


If you are wanting to make full use of a clear summer day and save the alcohol for the evening, we certainly recommend getting outside and into the sunshine. These activities are the best for any Stag Do before the drinks start flowing!



Bubble Football

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Yes, it is as funny as it looks. At kick-off, you are wrapped in a zorb suit to play a match of football like never before. The key is to crash your enemies so they fly across the field and let you get hold of the ball. This bouncy game easily fits in your stag activities agenda and will have people get active and cracking up. Don’t forget to film your struggles so you can look back at this memorable experience. 

Zorb Football Bristol 

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: London, Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham & more

Group Size: 10 - 20 

Price: £25 (£20 for Bookado members with a valid membership card)


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It's A Knock Out Assault Course

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Have some excess energy you want to dissipate? Then taking on a challenging assault course might be just what you’re looking for. Test your fitness levels and push boundaries in this exhilarating outdoor race. This fast-paced activity induces your stag crew with a healthy dose of competitiveness and the post-workout endorphins will stick with you for quite some time. 

Assault Course Bristol

When: Daytime Activity

Locations: Bristol & Nottingham

Group Size: 8 - 30

Price: £50pp (£40pp for Bookado members with a valid membership card)



2. Best Stag Do Activities Spring & Summer Daytime | On a Hangover


These activities are best kept for the ‘morning after’. When you’re feeling a little bit worse for wear, these activities are sure to get some life back into the group again. 




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Ideally, this adventurous activity is done prior to drinking excesses as it is quite challenging and requires good coordination skills. Combining rock climbing, cliff jumping and sea swimming, Coasteering is the ultimate way to push your boundaries and get a buzz. Thanks to a wetsuit, coasteering in Newquay can be done all-year round even during the colder months.


Got some more time? Make it a weekend with camping and surfing.

Coasteering Cornwall

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: Cornwall

Group Size: 2 - 20

Price: £52pp Private Group


Kayaking Tour


Inarguably one of the best ways to get some exercise in while enjoying nature and the calm waters. Set out to your nearest lake or river and enjoy a relaxing kayaking tour with your best mates. Although this is of lower intensity than other water sports, don’t underestimate the upper body strength you need to row and move your kayak forward. The benefit is you can still have some relaxing chats and take stops during the tour savouring the moment.

Kayaking Tour Brighton

When: Daytime Activity

Locations: London, Brighton

Group Size:  1 - 32

Price: £31pp


Stand Up Paddleboarding


If you’re lucky enough to have your stag do on a warm day, why not get on the surfboard? SUP is a popular water sport to strengthen the entire body and relax as you float on the calm waters. It is a great option for surf enthusiasts that have some inexperienced amongst them to enjoy a more beginner-friendly activity. But don’t underestimate how difficult it is to keep your balance when your mate is constantly cracking jokes on the board. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding Bristol

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: London, Bristol

Group Size: 1 - 8

Price: From £35pp (£20pp in London for 1 hour)


3. Best Stag Do Activities during Spring & Summer Daytime | With Alcohol


Can you beat summer day drinking? Well we’ve put together the best activities that can go side by side with a pint!



Boat Hire 

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Treat your mates for an unforgettable boat trip along the South Coast. To be fair, it might not turn into a boat party á la Wolf of Wall Street, but cruising on the water with your team drinking will have you feel free and wash away all stress and worries that might have piled up in preparation for the wedding.  


You can hire a boat for one day or weekend, depending on your budget and time.


When: Daytime and Nighttime Stag Activity

Locations: Isle of Wight, Southampton & Lymington (New Forest)

Group Size: 4 - 12

Price: £84pp one day private charter, Bookado Member price £66pp one-day private charter





Golfers and footballers unite! This quirky activity is the perfect mini break to recover from a night in the pub or to ring in happy hour. Make your way through the lush footgolf course, take in the views and test your aiming skills. Starting from £8 per person, this activity is a true bargain and guarantees laughter and action.


When: Daytime stag activity

Locations: London, Bristol and Southampton

Group Size: 1 - Unlimited

Price: £8pp for 9 holes, £12pp for 18 holes


4. Best Stag Activities Spring & Summer Evening/Nighttime | Alcohol Free


Summer evenings don’t need to all be about boozing...yet! When the night is still young, why not plan an activity or two. These activities can be a great way to settle a few arguments, the slowest one around the go-karting track buys the first round?



Multiplayer VR / E-Sports

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If a video gaming night with the mates sounds like your ideal stag do, why not take it up a notch with a VR gaming experience? These trendy playgrounds emerge everywhere in the UK and offer an immersive experience discovering hyper-realistic worlds and playing 4D games. Multi Shooters allow you to be the hero in your favourite science-fiction scenarios, whether that’s fighting a zombie apocalypse or killer robots. 

Multiplayer VR

When: Daytime or Evening Stag Activity

Locations: London, Nottingham & Birmingham

Group Size: 4 - 12

Price: £25.95pp for 30 mins (£20.76 for Bookado members with a valid membership card)



*2 for 1 Brentwood Go-Karting for Bookado Members* - Get your membership card to claim offer

Your friends are a bunch of petrolheads? Hop in the high-speed go-karts and race along the extensive go-karting track with its obstacles and tricky turns. Who will score the best lap time? Go-karting is great when you’re short on time, too. Two hours to a half-day of driving is all you need to get that blood pumping.


 Go-Karting  London

When: Daytime or Evening Stag Activity

Locations: London, BristolBrighton

Group Size: 2 - 20 

Price: RRP From £35pp for 30 minutes, Bookado Members get 2 for 1, price from £17.50. Also, private track sessions can be organised for over 15 people (Members receive 15% off total booking!)

Find Out More - Go Karting


5. Best Stag Do Activities Spring & Summer Evening/Nighttime | On a Hangover


It’s summertime, you want to get outside but you feel awful from the night before! Don’t worry, we’ve got some great activities to get you out in the sun and on the mend.



Five-A-Side Football


It’s unlikely that everyone in the Stag party will be into football, but that makes these even more of a charming option. 5 a side football can be a great way to have a laugh at each others not so slick skills before finishing off with a round of drinks at the pub. A particular summer favourite due to its low cost! 


When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: London, Brighton, Bristol, Cornwall, Southampton 

Group Size: 10 - 12

Price: From £5pp

Book 5/6 A Side Football


Laser Tag


This is an all-time favourite for a good reason. In a thrilling round of laser tag, you will be armed with a laser gun working as a team to take down your enemies and prove who is the best marksman. Set in an old Crown Court, there are lots of opportunities to hide and lure your rivals into a trap. Come up with a strategy first to make sure your hard work is paying off.

Laser Tag Bristol

When: Daytime or Evening Stag Activity

Locations: Bristol

Group Size: 16 - 40

Price: £25pp 

Book Laser Tag Bristol


6. Best Stag Do Activities Spring & Summer Evening/Nighttime | With Alcohol


The sun has been shining all day and you want the perfect way to start your night on the booze. Pick from one of these great activities to kick start your stag do.



Roller Disco


This is a great activity to add a spin to your stags evening. With a fantastic roller disco venue located in central London, this is the perfect place to get those initial drinks in. Evenings usually carry a different theme each night and group reservations are available by speaking to an activity coordinator. 

Roller Disco London

When: Evening Stag Activity

Locations: London

Group Size: 2 - 25

Price: From £10pp

Find Out More - Roller Disco


Dart Nights


Darts? That sport is dead right? Think again! With a new twist on darts hitting the UK, it is now more popular than ever. Popular among groups, these new dart venues allow everyone to compete in plenty of different dart games. This is a perfect activity to kick off a stag do with and get people mingling. Alcohol is allowed and there is some time in-between throws to get to know the Stags other friends.

Dart Nights London

When: Daytime or Nighttime Stag Activity

Locations: London

Group Size: 2 - 40

Price: From £4pp

Book Dart Nights


7. Best Stag Do Activities Autumn & Winter Daytime | Alcohol Free


You’re on the final stretch of the Stag Do, you can’t bear another drop of alcohol and it’s cold outside. Choose from this great range of alcohol free winter activities.



Police Chase Driving Experience 

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Quench your thirst for adrenaline and speed with an extraordinary driving experience testing your nerves and driving skills. In the Police Chase, you find yourselves as a fugitive running from the police in a high-speed Porsche Boxster. The heart-racing pursuit has all sorts of challenges in store, such as real spike traps. Fuel your need for speed and find out who makes the best getaway driver. 

Police Chase Driving Experience

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: North London

Group Size: 1 - 10

Price: From £79


Clay Pigeon Shooting


For the country boys at heart, it’s time to retreat to the charming countryside and get in some shooting. After a quick introduction, it’s time to show off your aiming skills and hit the bull’s eye. Clay Pigeon Shooting is suitable for all abilities with everyone being given 32 cartridges to ensure everyone will get their money’s worth. Refreshments are included to keep up the good vibes and unwind in nature.

 Clay Pigeon Shooting

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: London, Bristol

Group Size: 2-20 people

Price: £45pp

Find Out More - Clay Pigeon Shooting


8. Best Stag Do Activities for Autumn & Winter Daytime | On a Hangover


Do you reckon you'll feel a bit worse for wear and need some recovery? Perhaps there will be no sun outside to burn it off? Well you're going to have to do something to take your mind off it, so grab one of these great activities. 





Get ready to gas up the marker, put on the gloves, strap on the mask, and walk onto the battlefield. An exhilarating team shooting sport, paintballing will have you compete against different teams in a series of intense, rapid games. Supported by a Marshall, you will seek places to hide around the huge battleground and wait for the right moment to shoot down your enemies. May the best marksmen win!

 Paintballing Sussex

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: Brighton

Group Size: 10 - 400 people

Price: £3.99 

Find Out More - Paintballing


Speed Boating

*30% off Thames Rockets for Bookado Members* - Get your membership card to claim offer


If it’s the capital city you’ve gone for, then treat the stag to some of London’s famous sights whilst thrashing down the Thames on a Speedboat. With private speed boats available from £35pp, this is a very popular activity in London. You can also opt for the “Ultimate London Adventure” and get £14 off per person!


Other destinations for speed boat rides include coastal destinations like Brighton, Southampton and Cornwall.

Speed Boating London

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: London, Southampton, Cornwall, Brighton

Group Size: 2 - 24

Price:  £45pp (£31.46 for Bookado Members with a valid membership card)

9. Best Stag Do Activities Autumn & Winter Daytime | With Alcohol


Stag Do’s not only need to be in summer, there are some great activities on offer all year round. These activities are perfect for the first alcohol fuelled day of the stag.



Jacuzzi Cruise


When the time (or money) can’t cover a steamy weekend in Spain, you don’t have to miss out on a fun boat party. Enter your private boat equipped with a jacuzzi and sun deck as you cruise along the Thames. The jacuzzi cruise operates on a BYOB-basis, so have the chilled cans ready. This quirky stag idea will surely turn some heads and is the perfect boat trip for those warmer days.

Jacuzzi Cruise London

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: London

Group Size: 1 - 10

Price: £18 - £33pp

 Book Jacuzzi Cruise London




It’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll. This established classic is an all-time favourite for corporate events, birthdays and friends looking for a good time. If you don’t fancy a big night out but still want to get some drinks in, bowling is a great way to spend time with the mates in a casual atmosphere while knocking down some pins.

Bowling London

When: Evening Stag Activity

Locations: London

Group Size: 2 - 30

Price: From £7

Book Bowling London


10. Best Stag Do Activities for Autumn & Winter Evening/Nighttime | Alcohol Free


If you need a night off the alcohol but still want to keep people mingling, then why not try one of these great activities, perfect for the winter.



Immersive Escape Room - AIM Escape


Apart from a bustling nightlife, London also has many daytime stag activities on offer, for example Escape Rooms. Set in the trendy East, AIM Escape has a range of super high-tech, immersive rooms including the Deja Brew Hangover. In this scenario, you find yourselves in your very own version of Hangover as you’re stuck in a room full of puzzles trying to piece together the wild last night. Will you uncover all the dirty secrets and find the groom before the wedding starts?

Deja Brew Hangover Escape Room London

When: Daytime or Evening Stag Activity

Locations: London, Bristol & Brighton

Group Size: 2 - 20 (Spread across different rooms)

Price: From £19pp

Book Escape Room London


Mini Moto's


This surely is a Bookado favourite when it comes to finding a unique and fun group activity. On a sleek mini moto, your friends and you race around the extensive indoor circuit designed to please all karting and motorbiking enthusiasts. Your lap times will be printed out giving you the opportunity to rag those mates who seem to be operating at grandpa-esque speed.

Mini Motos Bristol

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: Bristol

Group Size: 2-20

Price: From £19.70pp

Book Mini Motos Bristol



11. Best Stag Do Activities for Autumn & Winter Evening/Nighttime | On a Hangover


You need time to recover but still need to keep the stag party moving? Here are some great evening activities for when you’re on the road to recovery.





Don’t be fooled by the name. Airsoft is related to paintball providing lots of action fun! Armed with a gun and unlimited ammunition, you push your limits in a 2 hour battle as you chase your rivals around dark corners and obstacles. A well functioning team is crucial to come out as the winner, so make sure you are a unit. 

Airsoft Bristol

When: Daytime or Evening

Locations: Bristol

Group Size: 1 - 20

Price: £13.5pp 

Book Airsoft Bristol


Axe Throwing

*20% off Whistle Punks for Bookado Members* - Get your membership card to claim offer

Stag dos are perfect for embracing your primal male side. What better way to do that by proving your strength with axe throwing? The concept is simple, but it takes skills like precision and a steady hand to hit the bull’s eye and beat your mates. This stag experience is best done with a bottle of lager in one hand and allows your stag crew to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Axe Throwing Bristol

When: Daytime or Evening Stag Activity

Locations: London, Manchester, Bristol

Group Size: 1 - 20

Price: £29 London, £25 Manchester or Bristol (£23.20 & £20 for Bookado Members with a valid membership card).


12. Best Stag Do Activities for Autumn & Winter Evening/Nighttime | With Alcohol


It’s the first night; not only do you need to get people bonding, but you want to get the drinks flowing. Here are some great activities to get you going.





A quirky activity that tends to be outshined by its popular cousin bowling. Curling sees you gathered on an ice rink sliding the heavy stones as close to the bullseye as possible. It is funny and challenging making waiting for your turn feel like an eternity but, on the bright side, it can be used to socialise and head to the bar for another drink. 

Curling London

When: Evening Stag Activity

Locations: London

Group Size: 6 - 24

Price: From £12.50pp

Book Curling London



Didn't quite find what you were looking for?


If you haven't yet found your perfect stag do activity yet, don't loose hope we have two more activities which could just do it for you! If not please do get in touch with one of our Activity Coordinators and let them know exactly what you are looking for!



Off-Road Driving


You better not mention the blind fold part to your wife-to-be when taking on this messy driving experience in Bristol. The off-road track has challenging trails with lumps and holes that you will tackle in a 4x4 truck. Now, let's make it more interesting: The driver is also wearing a blindfold and therefore has to rely on his fellow passengers to stay on track. Who’s riding shotgun?

Off-Road Driving Bristol

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: Bristol

Group Size:  2 - 8

Price: £25pp

 Book Off-Road Driving Bristol


Dirt Buggies


You bring the wet wipes, we bring the fun. Head to the countryside for a dirty driving experience in the woods. The muddy trails provide optimal conditions for a bumpy off-road race in a purpose-built buggy. Whiz around the track and outpace your mates in a head-on-head or team race. Be guaranteed to leave the track with dirty clothes but a wide smile on your face. 

Mud Buggies

When: Daytime Stag Activity

Locations: Brighton

Group Size: 6 - 30

Price: £43

Book Mud Buggies Brighton